Male Edge Review

Male Edge Extender
Success Rate: 82%
Value & Quality 3 / 5
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Male Edge Penis Stretchers are nearly identical to the notorious Jes Extender Devices.

Manufactured by DanaLife, Male Edge devices were actually designed to be superior to the original Jes Extender (which was the first extender on the market back in 2001) in several ways.

Male Edge penis extender reviewed, often referred to as second generation Jes Extenders, were made to be more comfortable and easier to use.

Is it possible that a copy of Jes Extender can beat it in terms of quality and price? Let’s see for ourselves.

Male Edge is really effective!

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After conducting our own research, we discovered that Male Edge is much better than Jes Extender (Original), Vimax extender an ProExtender in terms of quality and effectiveness.

During our Male Edge review we’ve found out that it is a lightweight penis extender that is easy to use and very comfortable to wear. It does include a few advanced features, such as added comfort levels and lighter-weight materials.

Other qualities that made us rate Male Edge #3 are:

  • Medically Endorsed – It is recommended by doctors & is a genuine medical-grade device.
  • Double Traction – It uses the proven effectiveness of double traction power (stretching x 2) to enlarge the size of your penis.
  • Added Comfort Levels – Extra tools, such as comfort pads, rubber straps, and protection pads, are included to make your experience pain-free.
  • Ease of Use – Male Edge is lightweight and designed simply so that you can use it frequently. The more you use it, the better your results will be.
  • Includes Training Program – An online training program is included to answer any of your questions and provide guidance.
  • Beneficial Forums – You get access to customer forums that allow you to communicate with other men who can give you their personal opinions, as well as advice, about your new stretcher device.
  • double-money-back

  • Excellent Guarantee – Male Edge offers a valuable double-your-money-back guarantee just in case you aren’t satisfied with their product.

The manufacturers of Male Edge don’t think you will need to use their guarantee because they feel certain you will like their device. Perhaps the best thing about Male Edge, besides its quality, is its affordability.

When you consider the fact that Male Edge is much cheaper than Jes ($249 – $1,399) AND includes an improved design, it is a much better purchase.

How affordable is Male Edge?

Male Edge is very affordable and, although it doesn’t come with lots of fancy extras, it is still a good quality device that will enlarge your penis. Check out these prices:

  • Basic Retail Pkg – $179 – This selection includes device, rubber/comfort strap, ruler, online training program, helpful customer forums & support
  • Extra Retail Pkg – $199 – This selection includes device, 2 rubber/comfort straps, ruler, 1 replacement pad, travel bag, online training program, helpful customer forums & support
  • Pro Retail Pkg – $219 – This selection includes device, 4 rubber/comfort straps, ruler, 2 replacement pads, gauze, online training program, helpful customer forums & support

Every one of the packages described above comes with a double your money-back guarantee. As far as guarantees go, this is an unbeatable deal!

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At these low prices, it’s quite surprising that Male Edge offers both an online training program and a forum in which customers can converse about their experiences. Forums are always advantageous for people wanting to compare experiences and exchange tips.

How does Male Edge compare to other top-rated devices?

It is somewhat difficult to compare Male Edge with X4 Labs & SizeGenetics because it doesn’t offer the same comfort features or extras. Take a look at this comparison chart:

#1 X4 Labs Gold $249.95 52-Way Quad Comfort System, 4 Memory Foam Comfort Pads, Velcro Loop Fastening, 4 Silicone Harness, Hybrid Support, Membership to PenisAccess penis exercises program, Wide Girth Base, Better Sex DVD, Free shipping, Pay in 2,3 or 4 installments
#2 SizeGenetics Ultimate $348.95 16-Way Comfort System, MDA Technology, Membership to PenisHealth penis exercises program
#3 Male Edge Pro $219.00 Comfort Pads, Ruler, Replacement Pads, Instructional Video

You can see that, although Male Edge is the cheapest device of the 3 listed, it doesn’t compare to the other two in terms of features or extras.

However, it is still an excellent alternative choice if you can’t afford X4 Labs or SizeGenetics because it’s durable, efficient, and guaranteed to work.

#3 Male Edge Pro $219.00 Comfort Pads, Ruler, Replacement Pads, Instructional Video
#4 Vimax System $213.65 Noose extender, Rubber straps, Vimax and Liquid RX Plus Pills, Excercises
#5 ProExtender $429.95 Noose extender, VigRx Plus and Semenax Pills

When you compare Male Edge to our #4 (Vimax) & #5 (ProExtender) choices, it comes out the clear winner.

The quality & effectiveness of the Male Edge device is far superior to both Vimax & ProExtender’s devices and its price is lower.


Male Edge is equipped with the Comfort Strap in opposite to the Vimax and ProExtender Noose extenders. Actually the level of comfort is what makes a penis extender better and more effective than the others.

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Should you order Male Edge?

We rated Male Edge #3 because it is, in our opinion, a high quality device that will deliver results. It will significantly enlarge your penis for a bargain price.

If you have the extra money, you should purchase either X4 Labs or SizeGenetics because of the comfort advantages & extras offered in their packages (see above chart).

However, if you find yourself short on cash and can’t spend that much money, then rest assured you are getting a high quality, effective device by purchasing Male Edge. What should matter most to you is getting a high quality extender for the price you can afford.

Male Edge Review Conclusion and Our Recommendation

If you decide to purchase Male Edge, we heartily recommend that you purchase the Pro Retail Package for $219.00.

It includes extra pads, gauze, and straps that you will eventually need anyway. It is a very good deal for your money. Order Male Edge

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